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Noëlle Kaveh

February 2023

The midwives and staff at Serenity are exceptional at what they do, and I could not be more grateful for their practice and my experience with each of them.

This is how birth should be. At Serenity, they truly care about what is best for birthing people and babies—and it shows. They will never do anything to you or for you without your consent, they will support your wishes, and they won’t use scare tactics. They will also teach you how to educate yourself and navigate interventions so you are prepared and confident in the choices you make for your body and baby.

They made me feel safe, informed, empowered, and unexpectedly passionate throughout my pregnancy, birth, and now postpartum. For my own reasons, it is difficult for me to trust in the care of doctors/hospitals. At Serenity, I was easily and immediately able to trust in all of their knowledge and support. They have become some of my favorite people ever just by being themselves and doing what they do!

Their low percentages of transfer and cesareans are impressive, but they would also never ignore anything that would put you or your baby at risk to keep those % rates low (like some hospitals do). And they would never do what’s quicker or more convenient for them.

I will recommend their practice to every birthing person I know. What they do is so important and essential for the community, and I’m thrilled that Southern Nevada has this incredible option. I will never know how to properly thank Serenity for all they’ve done, and continue to do, for me and my family. We love all of you!

Maddie Evans

January 2023

My entire experience with Serenity Birth Center was incredible. I knew that I wanted to do a home birth and once I had my initial meeting with April, I knew they were the midwives for me!


My prenatal and postnatal care was outstanding, they always made me comfortable, supported, and answered all of my questions. They really took the time to get to know us and never rushed our appointments.


All of the midwives made me feel confident in my ability to birth our baby at home. April attended my birth and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. My labor was fast and intense and when April arrived I felt such a calming presence from her. She gave me space to labor and follow my own instincts, it was truly such an empowering experience. When I was ready to push April held my hand and supported me through it.


Before I knew it I was holding my beautiful baby boy in my arms and soaking in the moment of pure joy with my family and birth team. The team at Serenity Birth Center made us feel like we were a part of a family and still do. We are grateful for the quality connection and care that they gave us. I know we will use them for all of our future babies.



Thank you for everything! ❤️ The Simental Family

Danielle Pope

October 2022

YOU CAN DO IT, and the ladies at Serenity Birth center will help. I have had 2 of the most amazing experiences here! The first is named Lily and the second is Matthew!! I never knew birth could be so calm and such an incredible experience that I would tell everyone I know my story. Both my kids were born with April and Sarah and what a wonderful team they make. The entire serenity team works so hard every day to instill confidence in their mamas. They were with me every step of motherhood, from prenatal appointments through my transition into being a mom with their breastfeeding support groups. I always felt comfortable and safe with my midwives, as they made sure to be gentle and knowledgeable, and excited with me for each of my babies. HOMEBIRTH HOMEBIRTH HOME BIRTH! And definitely homebirth with serenity birth center.

Tessa Jo

May 2022

I haven't been to the brand new birth center yet, but I was a client during my first pregnancy. They made my husband and I feel so comfortable and confident throughout our pregnancy. They are incredible women and know how to empower you with knowledge and positivity! Sarah's birth course, Earthside, helped us even more than our prenatal appointments alone. We learned a lot and had fun doing it. I had a beautiful home water birth and they helped me deliver a healthy baby girl. Born 3/30/21. April was such a force for us, she held space and let me know I could do it and I was doing it. Guess what, I did it! She helped my husband and I both stay confident in my ability to birth.(my doula didn't make it in time for the birth) She helped with affirmations and held my hand when I needed her too. They cared for me so lovingly after the birth and made me feel so safe. The whole staff helped to make our pregnancy journey a happy one. We will be repeat clients if we decide to have another little💕 I highly recommend these wonderful women.

Berkley Johnson

November 2022

I had an amazing home birth with Sarah. It was such an empowering experience! Highly recommend. From prenatal care, birth, and postpartum. I felt very well taken care of, and now I wouldn’t trust anybody else for my women’s care!

Love L.

 August 2022

The entire team is welcoming, friendly, and a joy to work with. During visits, everyone was attentive to my needs and wishes for my pregnancy. They provided personalized follow-up and made every effort possible to ease my mind about pregnancy-related issues. During my home birth, everyone was very supportive and the energy in the room was relaxing. I would recommend this amazing team to anyone that is looking for a home birth.

Ms Chi

July 2022

All of the midwives are wonderful. I always felt empowered to make the best decisions for baby and I. I looked forward to my visits and enjoyed my pregnancy journey with Serenity. Thank you so so much for making this a beautiful experience for my family and I!

Adrion Baile

March 2022

I transferred to the center late in my pregnancy, and from the moment we started with Serenity, it was a completely different experience than with my previous doctor. Everyone there was so nice and helpful, and greeted us by name at each appointment. The midwives explained every part of the process, which gave me the confidence I needed to have a home birth. They involved my partner in everything and really made him feel like a huge part of the journey. The postpartum care has been great, and the Milk Bar classes are very supportive. Thank you to everyone at Serenity for such an amazing experience. You helped us have the home birth we dreamed of.


April 2022

I could not have asked for a better pregnancy experience with Baby's First Day. Each of the midwives are so incredibly caring, knowledgeable, and supportive. My husband and I never felt rushed at any of the appointments and each interaction felt so personalized. I loved that they never pushed us to do anything but instead gave us all the information we needed to empower us to make an educated decision about what was best for us and our baby.


It makes me emotional to look back on my experience because this team of ladies made it so special and amazing. I will forever be grateful for Sarah for recognizing the signs of my perinatal anxiety, encouraging me to seek therapy, and checking in on me. We absolutely loved our labor experience with Malia and Hadit and they made us feel so safe and empowered. And April gave us so much comfort and reassurance during our postpartum visit. A big thank you to Cheryl and Hannah as well for helping me sort out my insurance questions. Having found a team that makes us feel so cared for like this has made us even more excited for our next pregnancies to come!

Rachel Nunez

September 2021

I had the most amazing home birth one year ago with the help of my midwives! The trust and emotional strength these women gave me was something I never knew I needed until it came to having a natural home birth in a birthing pool. They gave me so much confidence while still being the most professional and answered all of my questions every check-up I had. The best experience I could ask for. 100% would always recommend April Clyde :-)

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