Women's Care

A woman’s body is a beautiful, complicated structure. When each system works properly, there is no end to the possibilities of what you can do. But if just one is off-balance, it can affect all the others and trigger a multitude of symptoms and problems.

Although there are medicines for every ailment, often those medications mask the real problem and until you discover the cause for your symptoms, you’ll never get better.

At Serenity Birth Center, we understand you are more than a birthing vessel. Your body is a machine designed for important work. Many people depend on you and you don’t have time to be sick or off-balance.

Natural Treatment

From the first menstrual cycle to last, our team of professionals at Serenity Birth Center takes a holistic approach to women’s care, using natural resources first.

  • Teens - Heavy, painful periods make life miserable during an already difficult time in a young girl’s life. Although birth control is often prescribed to treat the symptoms, at Serenity Birth Center, you’ll work with us to discover the cause and work towards a solution.
  • Adult Women - annual examinations and PAP smear testing, testing, and treatment for sexually transmitted infection, thyroid testing, and management are all part of the women’s care services you’ll receive at Serenity Birth Center.
  • Peri-menopause/menopause - Symptoms of peri- and menopause are uncomfortable, at best and many women dread entering this phase. Understanding why and how your body responds to this change helps you deal with those symptoms. We help you enter perimenopause and then menopause naturally with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Natural v. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

"Natural" hormones, commonly known as Premarin ®, Prempro ®, and Provera ®, are natural in that they are made from the urine of pregnant horses (mares). Their molecular structure, however, is not at all like that of the human hormone. They aren’t converted or used well in the body and sometimes using them makes things worse.

Bioidentical hormones are identical to human hormones in their molecular shape and structure. These hormones fit better into our receptor molecules, causing them to act just like the hormones we produce.

Birth Control Services

Sometimes, timing is part of the family dream. The team at Serenity Birth Center offers natural family planning services so you decide when it’s time for baby. We also offer non-hormonal birth control options including the FemCap, diaphragm, and non-hormonal IUD. You can also get birth control pills, patches, and rings. Make an appointment with us to discuss your options and choose the one that’s best for you.

At Serenity Birth Center, you have a team of professionals who care about you and your whole health.


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